Welcome to my blog!

My name is Danila, but everyone calls me “Dany“.

I have lived in Italy since when I was a little girl however I have always felt like a citizen of the world. My parents have always loved travelling and thus they brought me, my little sister and our adventurous cat, off to beautiful destinations. I was taught that engaging the world and connecting with new people is the best way to learn new things.
When I met my now husband, Aldo, he was a little reluctant to start travelling. Like so many others, he thought that travelling meant spending a lot of money, flying long hours and possibly going to potentially dangerous places. Little by little I showed him that it’s not exactly true. By planning well in advance, searching for the right places and info, asking questions and discussing it with the locals, you can definitely save you a lot. Which is what I will tell you about in this blog. After our first long trip together while I was reading a book on our flight home, Aldo surprised me by asking me “Where are we going next?”. We haven’t stopped since then!

I work as a translator and interpreter. Freelancing helps me to better plan my trips: the world is huge and there’s still so much I want to see and learn!

In Italy we say “Chi si ferma è perduto” (“He who hesitates is lost”, more or less), so hop on and let’s explore the world!
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My blog was born in 2016: I always felt intimidated by this project. I was trying some “micro blogging” using my Instagram feed, but people wanted to know more and there was never enough space, especially because of the bilingual captions. I have always loved to write and one day I finally worked up the nerve. Instead rather than stalling, I decided to roll up my sleeves and start working for real.

Instagram has opened my mind: I have met some amazing people. Travellers, photographers and adventurers, everyone had something to share. We could go on for days and days commenting back and forth! With this blog I want to keep things more organized, so my readers can find exactly what they are looking for, whether that be destinations, attractions, national parks, products, restaurants, hotels, good food and more. Writing doesn’t scare me. I want to create some sort of travelling hub, easy to navigate, where people can just click their way into a trip.

There’s nothing I love more than having someone else riding shotgun with me through my stories, so if you feel we have matching goals, drop me a line: we could work together!

You can reach out to me at dany@travellingdany.com

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