5 days to attend the biggest ComiCon in Europe

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5 days to attend the biggest ComiCon in Europe
I was sure I’d get your attention introducing you this very… erhm… nice fella, brought to life by one of the awesome cosplayers that every year flock to Lucca, a small town in Tuscany (Italy). By the end of October, in fact, Lucca hosts the largest ComiCon in Europe. Not in a huge hall or in a specific hub: in the street. The shops – and the shopkeepers – show their best nerd decorations and costumes. The patient citizens smile at the thousands of people who walk their narrow streets for a few days. Just think of this. In Lucca live about 82.000 people, regularly. During the Lucca Comics & Games, you can find up to 400.000 people (data from the 2014 edition), most of them cosplayers from all over the world. See what I mean when I say that Lucca citizens are very patient in keeping up with the huge number of people crowding their city?

5 days to attend the biggest ComiCon in Europe


Lucca Comics & Games isn’t only cosplay. It’s an annual comic book and gaming convention. It was first held in 1965 in Bordighera, then in 1966 it was moved into a tiny square in the center of Lucca. Now, fifty years later, not only it occupies the whole city of Lucca, but they had to build a few covered areas outside of the Medieval walls to accomodate the huge crowd of videogamers interested in trying the latest titles or the League of Legends competitions.

During the years, this ComiCon has become a hub where you can learn a lot, as there are several chances to attend interesting conferences, comic translation courses, special effect courses, you can even learn how to wield a sword or to shoot an arrow! There are art exhibits, a huge Lego area, movie previews, music and cosplay.

You could think it’s a place for the youngsters but it’s not true. Every year thousands of families attend with their little ones, because there’s a big Junior area with games, movies, songs and cartoons for kids. There’s also someone who brings over their dog in full cosplay! I’ve personally seen one or two SuperDog and a few BatDogs from Gotham. Everyone is welcome!

5 days to attend the biggest ComiCon in Europe

This year the International Festival of Comics, Animation, Illustration and Games will be 50. For the occasion they have enlarged it: in stead than lasting 4 days only, it will last 5! A few of the guests that will attend this year? Milo Manara, Frank Miller, Francis Portela, Luis Royo, Gabriele Salvatores… It will be a memorable edition.

I will be attending this year as usual, and for the first time I will cover it using my Instagram Stories. I will be shooting photos throughout the day, uploading them to my Instagram as soon as I will have a decent line. Yes, because since there are so many people in Lucca trying to use their phones, the line usually dies, leaving us all unable to use our smartphones. What a tragedy, right? Anyway, I will show you what it is like to attend the biggest Europe ComiCon: you can find the link to my Instagram  here on the right.

Read here my guide to the Lucca ComiCon, with information about parking, program, cosplay and more!


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5 days to attend the biggest ComiCon in Europe

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