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Hotel Kazimierz III is the newest 3 stars  hotel of a group that already owns other five hotels, most of them situated in the Jewish District in Krakow, Poland.  It offers 28 rooms and a 24 hour front desk. We have stayed here during our Winter trip in Krakow.

The outside is pretty subtle, you’d miss it if you wouldn’t know exactly where to look for it. The logo outside can be found on the glass doors, just like the other hotels of this same group, that don’t particularly seem interested in staining the beauty of Kazimierz with neon boards and the likes. I must say that I approve this choice, especially because it is situated so deep into the Jewish district (right behind the Tempel Synagogue) that it’d definitely be an urban crime to just put a huge neon sign on these old walls!

The hotel is situated about 650 m away from Planty Park, at a walking distance from the Wawel Royal Castle. We strolled there easily without having to get the car. If you reach Krakow by train from the airport, a pretty short tram ride (the tickets in Krakow are very cheap) will accompany you almost to its doorstep. You can also easily walk there, it is 20 minutes away from the Kraków Główny railway station. There isn’t a private parking, so in case you’re renting a car like we did, you might want to know that the whole area offers a lot of parking spots at a tiny price per hour: 6 zlotys. The hotel also offers a shuttle bus service that has to be booked in advance, to and from the Krakow Airport John Paul II.

The reception area was still decorated for Christmas when we arrived, and the staff at the front desk was particularly helpful, to the point that they offered us free Krakow maps and showed us a lot of interesting itineraries, so you didn’t have to go look for a tourist office: it was snowing and we definitely appreciated all the help we got!


We have stayed in January, when outside the temperatures were about -10/-8. The hotel was very warm, sometimes even too much, because the thermal excursion was so strong! Going out from the coziness was traumatic and getting back inside after a long walk in the snow was like suddenly stepping into a sauna! I strongly suggest you cover yourself and camera equipment very well when you walk in or out from warm hotels like this and outside the temperatures are that low. To reduce the chances of camera damage, you’d better put it into a plastic bag and then into its case, giving it time to readjust, so you won’t risk condensation!

Upstairs, even the corridors are pretty warm, because there are doors to cut off the slightly cold air coming from the stairs. Our room was pretty wide and could easily lodge up to three people, in fact there was also an additional bed that we didn’t request. A little balcony overlooked a private courtyard on the back of the hotel: it was particularly quiet so we slept like babies!


In every room there are two or three bottles of water, a kettle and a full tea set to warm your own water and relax sitting by the window with a hot cup of your favorite blend. The guests are treated with slippers and a wide private bathroom, we even got free toiletries. This is especially helpful if you are travelling on a budget airline with only a cabin bag with you: you won’t have to think of carrying shampoo or bath foam (no headache because of the liquid restrictions!), nor a hair drier so you will have more space for other things. I don’t know about you, but I always look for hotels that can help me that way, so I can save on my flights!


The wi-fi network is very good: it always worked perfectly in our room at the third floor. We also had a very nice flat screen TV with cable channels, but to be honest, we almost never turned it on, because we were always doing something else!



Breakfast is served in the morning from 7 AM to 10 AM in a very nice area, kept particularly clean and well organized by the staff. There was a Nespresso machine to make your own espresso, cappuccino, latte and hot cocoa, juice and several kinds of muesli and cereals. Every morning we found a different selection of cakes, chocolate, dark chocolate and fruit, or even a delicious local cake with seeds and fruit. There was a wide selection of ham, bacon, eggs, bread and other things for those who prefer a more “American” breakfast, but vegan and vegetarians will also find fresh fruit and oatmeal start the day. Even when the breakfast room was full, the tables were never left unattended for long and the food trays were always kept full. It’s very important because if you wake up later than the other guests, you won’t have to settle for leftovers!


What we absolutely loved about Hotel Kazimierz III is the fact that everything was just a walk away. This area is full of nice restaurants and pubs like the Propaganda, full of Sovietic memorabilia, or the Domowa Kuchnia, where you can eat typical Polish dishes, cheap and quick! We almost never used our car and thus I think it’s the perfect spot for those who want to visit Krakow without a rental car. At night the area is very quiet, we never got any problem, even when it was full of youngsters and groups going out clubbing.


The Hotel Kazimierz III is in my opinion a great choice for Krakow: keep an eye on websites like Booking, Trivago or Kayak, they often have nice offers that will save you lots of money!


Here you can find our useful packing list for Europe in winter that will help you to pack light even in the coldest months!

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