Polaroids of Dany Caputo as she travels

I’m Danila, but you can call me Dany!

The rugged beauty and warm hospitality of Southern Italy is the place I’m honored to call home.
As a travel writer, I’m blessed to share this sun-kissed spot between Naples and the Amalfi Coast with my husband Aldo “Al“.

Oh and we’re not alone!
We share our house in the countryside with an eclectic pack of furry friends.
And some chicken too.

Driven by an unquenchable wanderlust, I’ve roamed far and wide.
Sometimes on my own as a solo female traveler. Some other times with Al.
Because traveling as a couple is a completely different matter!

We fell in love with the thrill of discovering off-the-beaten-path gems.
Especially on long, only-half-planned road trips.

While a PhD and career as a translator and interpreter provided me with invaluable tools, it wasn’t until I embraced my true calling that my life truly bloomed.

Through my writing, I aspire to inspire fellow travelers to experience the world in all its majesty.

Whether you’re seeking to explore Italy’s hidden treasures, plan a road trip, or simply step outside your comfort zone, I’m here to help guide your journey!

If you want to read more from me somewhere else, know that I’ve worked with magazines like Travioor, Matador Networks, My Take It, We are Travel Girls, Skyscanner and T.BD., as well as with Visit London, JNTO, Visit Malta, Visit Manchester, Hilton and so many more!