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The Mansion: best hotel to see the Niagara Falls

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The Mansion on Delaware Avenue: best hotel to see the Niagara Falls

A few months before we left Italy for the US East Coast, a friend who had just returned from Canada warned me: the area surrounding Niagara Falls had become a circus! By that time I was looking for the best hotel to see the Niagara Falls.

Needless to say, I immediately started looking elsewhere, avoiding altogether the area with casinos, night clubs and fast food. As much as we would have loved to see the falls in the evening, in fact, we wouldn’t have appreciated the traffic, the noise and the hordes of tourists our friend told us about.

It didn’t take long to find the perfect solution. The luxury hotel The Mansion on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo (the city that invented the “secret recipe” of the very spicy Buffalo chicken wings!) popped up one day in my feed while I was looking for historical buildings in the Empire State.

We’d get to Buffalo after a very long drive, straight from New York, and right after our stay we’d have another long drive to get to the Adirondacks: the idea of a hotel that would take care of our tired bones was definitely tempting.

The Mansion on Delaware Avenue: best hotel to see the Niagara Falls

When you have to decide what’s the best hotel to see the Niagara Falls, it’s always important to take into account your itinerary. If you have to drive for many hours, it’s very important to choose a hotel that will allow you to just leave your car and enjoy a relaxing evening that won’t involve more driving to look for a restaurant.
In our case, The Mansion on Delaware Avenue, about half an hour away from Niagara Falls, looked like our best option.

I must confess that we didn’t consider the New York traffic when we were preparing our itinerary. We visited the Big Apple using the New York City subway, so we didn’t particularly worry about anything, trusting  that our GPS would save the day. We got our rental car at JFK Airport, only to get thrown into some kind of hellish place we weren’t prepared for. GPS directions were difficult to understand, the traffic was slow… and the toll booths weren’t overly friendly to us.

In order to get in and out of New York City (here you can find a very useful NYC itinerary from a local) we had to pay a (quite expensive) toll. Because we didn’t have an EZ Pass, we were to check what lines accepted cash (not many) and try to get there through the traffic. Apparently New Yorkers are always in a hurry, especially when they drive!

The result of a frustrating day behind the wheel, aside from having Aldo with his hair standing on end, was a late arrival in Buffalo, in stead than getting there in the afternoon as we had previously calculated using Google Maps. Before we understood that the elegant Second Empire building was The Mansion on Delaware Avenue, we drove twice around the block. The charming house illuminated by warm lights and surrounded by blooming shrubs was not private like we believed at first: it was the hotel we were looking for.

Up the stairs leading to the main hallway, we were in for another surprise. Actually a bit spooky at first, if I have to be honest: the main doors, in fact, opened automatically. It felt as if the house itself wanted to welcome the new visitors.

The Mansion on Delaware Avenue: best hotel to see the Niagara Falls

The atmosphere inside The Mansion on Delaware Avenue is extremely elegant, but it never feels stiff. Soft lights, a pleasant warmth, some guests playing pool, some others reading a book, sitting on the couch in one of the rooms beautifully decorated with paintings by local authors. Among other things, in fact, this hotel is some kind of small art gallery, featuring paintings and sculptures chosen by a curator just like in a museum.

Yet let me be material for a moment: one of the best features of The Mansion on Delaware Avenue, which lead to the best hotel to see the Niagara Falls title (according to us), is the 24h Butler service.

As soon as we stepped inside, we were greeted with a smile from the Butler on duty. There was no need to tell him that we were tired: he made every effort to make us feel at home and to satisfy our every need. One of the Butlers parked our car, and told us that we didn’t have to worry about a thing. The Butler service in fact includes the chance of having a personal driver who will drive you around town, so you can have dinner (and a drink, if you want) without having to take your car.

They suggested some restaurants in the area and the Butler, without hesitating, booked us a table, arranging a car to bring us there for the dinner. I can tell you that after a day like ours, the last thing we felt like doing was to drive yet some more to find a restaurant.
Knowing that everything had already been arranged felt almost decadent.

The Mansion on Delaware Avenue: best hotel to see the Niagara Falls

In our suite, after a day spent driving in the hellish traffic of New York, we could finally just relax. A nice plate of fresh cookies with different fillings had been left for us, together with a welcome letter and a few customized cards that labeled us as customers of The Mansion on Delaware Avenue.

The room we were given was much bigger than what we expected. Not a luxurious but impersonal hotel room, but a small apartment with its history and character. In the classy living room, the only thing that maybe felt a bit out of place (but it was nevertheless greatly appreciated by Aldo), was a large flat screen TV hanging just above the large fireplace. The suites have two bathrooms, which is absolutely great, especially if you plan to leave early in the morning so you won’t have to wait in line for your turn. Yet if I have to be honest, even just the main one could fit easily two people. It had a large  hydromassage shower cabin, a whole mirrored wall, and two sinks.

Even in this case, guests don’t have to worry about a thing: The Mansion on Delaware Avenue provides everything they might need. From the hairdrier to a smaller mirror, from face cleansing towelettes to Japanese body and hair care products. Yes, you got that right: I found a set of products made in Japan that I absolutely loved! Shampoo, hair conditioner, body wash, body lotion, to make it short, the management of this charming hotel seems to love pampering its guests. Are you really still wondering why I think this is the best hotel to see the Niagara Falls?

The Mansion on Delaware Avenue: best hotel to see the Niagara Falls

If I have to be honest, we appreciated even more the bedroom in the morning, when the light filtered through the windows. The room was very bright and all around the trees and the bushes of flowers offered us the feeling of being away from the city. A very nice difference from the chaos of lights, casinos and crowds we would’ve found if we’d ended up booking a hotel in Niagara Falls.

Like the living room, the bedroom also had another large fireplace, which I imagine makes the suite even more romantic in the cold winter evenings. We shared the bed with a huge number of pillows, including one of the long and rectangular ones that are very useful to pregnant women as they help them to sleep more comfortably. The writing desk, the one area in the room where I used every inch of space, was positioned right in front of the beautiful windows.

Once again I noticed a great deal of attention to detail. There was everything guests might need. A phone, note pads, pencils, interesting books on historic homes in the United States, and even earplugs… despite the fact that during our stay we never heard any noise coming from either the street or the other rooms. Not enough to name it the best hotel to see the Niagara Falls? Think of it that way: after a pretty hot and humid day around the falls, do you want to get back to a very crowded hotel, surrounded by the noise, and stand in line to find a decent restaurant, or get back to a quiet mansion, where you can park your car and have a Butler drive you around for dinner?

The Mansion on Delaware Avenue: best hotel to see the Niagara Falls

Exploring The Mansion on Delaware Avenue in the morning felt even more exciting than doing it at night. Being a small hotel, you never have the feeling of being just another number in a crowd of guests. The Staff remembers you, and you always end up chatting with the other visitors, who occupy the common areas just like they would at home.

The billiard room in the morning turns into a delightful breakfast room. We weren’t expecting such a variety of options, but the quality was impressive, even in the presentation of the dishes. There was something for everyone, from bagels to smoked salmon and fresh cheese to prepare a delicious “New York style bagel“. Vegan and vegetarians could also enjoy, among other things, various types of nuts, hazelnuts, dried fruit and raisins. Even us, accustomed to a sweeter breakfast, felt spoiled.

Every morning there was in fact a variety of cakes, including small muffins and mini cupcakes, that you could eat in one bite. And let’s not forget the delicious chocolate pies! Dessert girls like me are going to love this hotel!

Another point towards the “best hotel to see the Niagara Falls” award: you can have a huge, healthy and delicious breakfast before to go out to explore the falls, stocking up until lunch time!

The Mansion on Delaware Avenue: best hotel to see the Niagara Falls

Breakfast at The Mansion on Delaware Avenue becomes thus a gathering moment for the guests. Someone chats, someone else works on his laptop using the available Wi-Fi connection, others enjoy reading the Financial Times or another one of the newspapers delivered by the Butlers each morning.

A second room lit by the sun’s rays becomes a reading room after breakfast, once again reminding you that you are staying in a luxury historical building, pampered by a highly professional staff who takes care of your every need, which is why, in our opinion, after seeing all the area had to offer, we named this the best hotel to see the Niagara Falls.

The Mansion on Delaware Avenue: best hotel to see the Niagara Falls

And the outside? When we saw the luscious garden with the blooming shrubs and the iron chairs, we felt almost tempted to postpone our trip to the Niagara Falls!
The whole neighborhood is very quiet and full of trees. The chairs and tables in the garden are often used by the guests to enjoy a nice cup of tea or a cocktail. Each afternoon, in fact, The Mansion on Delaware Avenue offers its guests a cocktail in the billiard room, and many of them like to sip it in the garden.

The Mansion on Delaware Avenue: best hotel to see the Niagara Falls

For our experience and our needs, we thus believe that The Mansion on Delaware Avenue is the best hotel to see the Niagara Falls. Situated in a nice area, it offers the best value for money, and it’s close enough to allow you to go back and forth from the Niagara Falls as you please. We don’t particularly like the touristy, overcrowded spots and thus we’ve enjoyed the chance to explore the historical side of Buffalo, one of the cities that in Italy not many people know about.

Have you been to Buffalo or The Mansion on Delaware? Do you also believe this is the best hotel to see the Niagara Falls? Share your experience in the comments!

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The management of The Mansion on Delaware offered us a free stay in exchange for a honest review of their services. Opinions expressed in this article are yet solely my own and haven’t been influenced by their kindness in any way.

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The Mansion on Delaware Avenue: best hotel to see the Niagara Falls

Travelling Dany – Danila Caputo

Danila Caputo is a bilingual travel writer living in between Naples and the Amalfi Coast (Italy), graduating from the University of Naples Suor Orsola Benincasa in Foreign Languages and Literature. She travels and works with her husband Aldo, photographer and videographer. Their blog chronicles their adventures around the world, their love for the USA (where they have family), Italian/European culture and tips on how to be responsible travelers. You can find out more about their latest trips and their life on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.

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  1. It is always gud to find a place near the famous attraction but that also lead you to spending far more. The place chosen by you looks absolutely lovely. The decor; soft lights; fireplace; food everything is perfect. And the idea of driving through the city by personal chauffeur is wow!! Nice post and review

    1. We try to stay away from the crowds so if that’s your goal as well, it’s the perfect place 🙂

  2. This sounds like a lovely spot to stay. I could certainly handle having a 24 hours butler. Having a personal driver is an absolute treat if you want to explore and not have to worry about driving. And then you got chocolate pie for breakfast!! A real treat. What I didn’t see was how the hotel was to get to see Niagara Falls. I assume you saw them from the U.S. side and not the Canadian? That is, you didn’t cross the border into Canada. We would be coming from Toronto so need to factor in border traffic.

    1. Definitely! Sometimes you’re just too tired to get your car! As from the position, as mentioned in the article, it’s about half an hour by car to the American Side of the falls. And yep we did cross the border and saw them on the Canadian side too, but we were lucky as there was no line at all!

  3. I could really understand why you love the 24h Butler Service! It sounds like a pretty cool service that a hotel can offer, and one that I haven’t heard of from other hotels I’ve stayed in so far. I love how the hotel has thoughtfully thought of everything a guest might need including the pillow for pregnant women. It’s not everyday you get to stay in a pregnant-friendly accommodation!

    Over-all a pretty cool place to stay!

    1. It’s not very common but very cool because if you’re driving from NYC for example you have the chance to just relax when you arrive to Buffalo, they will drive you around and make you feel at home. Plus… jacuzzi and two bathrooms were heavenly! 😀

  4. Chris Bloomfield says:

    I had a similar experience with the drivers in New York, but the state is so beautiful it was worth it. The butler service sounds great. Having been to Niagara Falls, I can appreciate the subtle touches the hotel provided. I think staying in a mansion with a personal butler sounds like the best way to go!

  5. I have to admit, when I was here in 2010, I drove through the NY part of Niagara Falls and stayed in the Canada side. I loved the falls and the river but the town itself is a bloody circus. Reminded me of Las Vegas. A mess! A tourist trap. lol. But seriously, love the looks of this hotel and would consider staying here if I was back in the area. Much better looking than the motel I was in. 😀

  6. What a beautiful review and how nice is this hotel. The Mansion Hotel looks like such a great place to stay to see the Niagara Falls, especially if the place is full of casinos and fast food restaurants. And it seems they spoil their guests with little items in the room and even with 2 bathrooms. That breakfast looks amazing as well.

    1. 2 bathrooms are AMAZING especially in the morning when you want to get out early and you need to hurry!

  7. Kavita Favelle | Kavey Eats says:

    I agree, the area right by the main tourist centre of the falls has indeed become a circus, but you are right that you can escape that if you want to! I love the look of The Mansion, it seems comfortable and welcoming. I think the butler serice personal driver is definitely one of the biggest appeals here. Breakfast looks really good and I love the afternoon cocktail too.

    1. The butler service is, in my opinion, one of the highlights of The Mansion, because if you add it to the nice place, you’ll feel like a guest in a private home. It’s way better than feeling just a number in a huge hotel!

  8. That is such a beautiful and historic place to stay and also it really adds to your trip and makes the experience so much better.

  9. Sandy N Vyjay says:

    The Mansion Hotel looks really ideal to stay when visiting the Niagara Falls. It is always a bit overwhelming to find the right hotel near a famous attraction. But you seem to have hit pay dirt. A nice comfortable place with all amenities and an ideal place to return to after a hectic day’s exploration of the Niagara Falls.

  10. What a fun hotel. It sounds like after a rough start, your stay turned out quite well. I’ve been to Niagara on the Canadian side and it can get touristy that is true. We went in the fall when the colours where changing. Although it was very beautiful, I must admit, I did prefer the wineries!

    1. We were there last month and gosh. Beautiful but way too crowded! We enjoyed the Canadian side better, tho! Maybe it was just because we moved further away from the border and the crowds!

  11. Juliette S says:

    Sounds brilliant! You’re right – location is super important. It sounds super comfy and cosy with a well put together style. Fireplaces are awesome! The food seems great too. And cool that you had a butler! Feeling like royalty…

  12. Hazel Tolentino says:

    I can imagine myself being stuck in traffic and then had to pay so much for tolls and everything. I can imagine how much hell you went through. But as I read through the article, the “pissed off” face that I had changed to an angelic smile imagining myself having that 24h Butler service. Hahahaha. And having a historic apartment with 2 bathrooms! I guess it’s all worth it huh? And that is not including the sight of Niagra Falls yet. Hope you enjoyed your trip in general!

    1. We so weren’t prepared to traffic in New York. And we thought Italy was bad, we really had no idea! Yet at least The Mansion allowed us to release the pent up anger and stress. Now we’re going to always find extra nice hotels for the nights after a long drive, it’s another thing we have gotten used to! 🙂 The rest of the trip was awesome, we moved to the Adirondacks and over there traffic isn’t even a thing! 😀

  13. The Mansion on Delaware Avenue looks like such a wonderful place to stay! Glad your friend warned you about how crazy the falls area is—we didn’t realize it would be like that until we arrived! That’s too bad about the traffic though. New York City traffic is pretty intense, but it sounds like your welcome to the hotel made up that a bit at least! The butler service sounds amazing, the food looks delicious, and the rooms sound so cozy and nice. I can’t believe there are two bathrooms! Great idea to stay here instead of right by the falls!

    1. It is! And I was also very glad about the fact that I knew not to find a place at Niagara Falls! September was very crowded because of the good weather, it was a whirlwind of buses, hordes of tourists… everything I stay away from!

  14. The Mansion on Delaware Avenue sounds like a seriously luxurious stay! I can’t believe there is 24 hour butler service!

    My wife loves staying at hotels that offer a fireplace in the room – it just makes it so cozy! In fact everything about the hotel sounds cozy and full of old world charm – the sitting room, the billiards room, the gardens.

    And the breakfast all looks amazing. I am getting hungry just reading this blog post.

    Hope you had a good trip to the Adirondacks!

    1. I’m sure your wife would absolutely enjoy The Mansion on Delaware Avenue! There are 2 fireplaces in the suite and 1 in each room, which adds a lot of romance, if you ask me. But you’re right, probably the thing that makes it stand out is the charm of sleeping into a building with a lot of history!
      We loved the Adirondacks, I’m in the middle of writing a series of articles about or trip. I felt one wasn’t enough, there was so much to see and do!

  15. I love, love this place, and would totally consider it if we are in the area! We tend to adore boutique style hotels, and I love the decor, not to mention the fact that they have a reading room! A great place to be away from the craziness!

    1. It felt decadent, and yet nobody was being snob, on the contrary both guests and staff were friendly and welcoming. It’s the thing I liked the most, because you just felt part of a group!