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15 best beaches in St Thomas 2024 edition (with photos and video)

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Discover the best beaches in St. Thomas with this ethical guide! It includes how to get to each St. Thomas beach, the top romantic spots, where to take pictures and how to make sure you’re being a conscious traveler!

Promontory with one of the best beaches in St Thomas seen from above
St Thomas beaches aren’t difficult to reach if you follow this guide!

Are you planning to hit the Virgin Islands beaches and you don’t know where to start? This easy and useful guide will show you the 15 best St Thomas beaches (USVI) in 2024 and it’s updated with the latest news (with pictures and a video)! Do not be worried about closed beaches or outdated info. We have recently experienced these places on our own and we are more than happy to show you all the pretty beaches we fell in love with! Whether for a honeymoon, a cruise or a longer vacation, get ready to explore the US Virgin Islands on your own. Or book a tour, knowing exactly where you want to go and what you want to see. Sea turtles, tropical fishes, corals and powdery white sand beaches are waiting for you!

Blonde girl laying on a beachside pool while looking at one of St Thomas beaches with white sand
Bring your camera with you to make sure you won’t miss any photo op!

How to get to the best beaches in St. Thomas

At the Port of Charlotte Amalie you’ll find dozens of taxis and small shuttle buses for the beaches. Because St Thomas is a pretty touristy place, the local taxis, which follow rules set by the VI Taxicab Division, help the local economic development.

Taxis on St Thomas aren’t metered: rates are fixed, per person and per destination. It took us 12$ (for the both of us) to go to Magens Bay. Generally speaking, during our visit rates went from 8$ to 15$ per person, according to where we wanted to go.

Usually minibuses are cheaper because they can keep their rates low, as they carry quite a few people on each ride. At Charlotte Amalie there’s a long line of minibuses waiting for tourists.
All you have to do is to ask them which public beach they are going to, and how much it’ll cost you.

Quite often the drivers keep the fixed price on their vehicle, so you’ll know in advance how much you’re going to spend.
The rates are generally quite low so you can easily get to the best St. Thomas beaches with less than 10$.

When big cruise ships get to the port, the locals usually wait for them to help.
They will ask you what you want to see on the island and if you’re unsure, they will also suggest many excellent beaches. They even pointed out to the nearest shuttle bus so we’d get the best fees!

The beaches listed in this article usually have a few taxis waiting around so you’ll be able to get one at any time to go back to your cruise ship or lodging. I have listed the taxi availability for each beach, that way you can easily plan ahead!

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People in St. Thomas are very friendly (even the beach vendors) so don’t ever be afraid to ask!

In our experience they were very transparent with their rates, so there’s no need to ask for a cheaper price: it wouldn’t be fair to anyone.
They’re not trying to scam you. They’re just working.
Please don’t try to pay less, their prices are super low if you compare them to how much cruise ships will ask you for a day trip to one of the following beaches!

Note: Taxis are safe in St. Thomas island. Yet make sure to use only cars or vehicles actually marked as cabs. Don’t hesitate to wait for more people if you’re worried about being on your own, or use another taxi driver if you feel uncomfortable, for any reason.

View of Magens Bay St Thomas with sea vines and turquoise water
Magens Bay is absolutely gorgeous early in the morning

Magens Bay – St Thomas (not-so-hidden) gem

One of the best St Thomas beaches is Magens Bay, which not only is pretty popular, but also our favorite beach ever!

This beautiful one mile stretch is often considered one of the very best beaches in the world. We absolutely had to see for ourselves if it was true!
You can check out our Youtube video to see it for yourself. Get ready to be left speechless!

While Magens Bay beach is a public park, donated to the people of the US Virgin Islands by Arthur Fairchild, there’s a 5$ entry fee. The funds are used to maintain the facilities, and to help with the restoration after Hurricanes Maria and Irma.

I’m sure you’ve all seen those movies where couples get married on a quiet little beach. Magens Bay is where the real thing happens.

You might be lucky enough to see couples getting married on the beach. Some might be proposing because yes, this is one heck of a location!
Magens Bay can be considered “the” St. Thomas beach everyone dreams about. Visiting with a significant other makes it even more special!

What we liked the most is that there’s a nice shady spot, with tables and a dressing area. Because the sun is pretty strong, I often need to stay in the shade to cool down, re-apply some sunscreen and just drink lots of water. 
(Here you can find all the things I always carry with me and also my favorite sun lotion).

The tables are also perfect if you’re planning to enjoy a family picnic, because they’re pretty big. Make sure you’re getting there early in the morning if you want to get one. By 11 am usually the tables are all already taken.
There are beach chairs available upon request.

Snorkeling is a fun activity at Magens Bay. We had lots of fishes swimming through our legs, and we were pretty close to the seashore. The water is usually very calm and crystal clear. Yet I must admit that there are other USVI beaches on this list that provide a much better snorkeling experience.

Magens Bay is also full of local wildlife. We got to see tons of colorful fishes (you can see some in our video), pelicans flying pretty low on the water while looking for their meal, parrots and more. If you have a GoPro, or a sturdy/underwater camera, bring it with you because this fantasic St. Thomas beach is where you’ll get gorgeous photos and videos!


  • Powdery white sand beach
  • Covered picnic tables (free)
  • Showers
  • Dressing rooms
  • Snack Bar
  • Parking available
  • Taxis available
  • Bathrooms
  • Beach chairs
  • Snorkel sets for rent
  • Water sports booth
  • Artificial shade

Who is it for

The bay deepens gradually so it’s perfect for families with small children. Early in the morning (usually before 12 pm) it is considered one of the US Virgin Islands best beaches. Aftewards, sadly, it can get pretty crowded and noisy, due to the cruise ships coming in.

Those who to love to just lay down and enjoy a gorgeous cove full of life, with white powdery sand, won’t be disappointed. Make sure to leave before it gets too crowded: using a taxi you can get to yet another one of the beaches listed in this article in the same day!

Palm arch for weddings at Honeymoon Beach in St Thomas island
Honeymoon Beach is hardly every crowded during the week

Honeymoon Beach – St Thomas turtles spot

Honeymoon Beach in St Thomas is another beautiful white sand beach.

To get there, you’ll need to hop on a ferry to Water Island: they depart every hour from the Crown Bay Marina. The ride will last only 5 minutes and the 10$ ticket includes a bus ride to the beach (1/2 mile up and down a hill).

Let me add a personal note here.
Use the bus to get to the beach because while at first it seems that walking there is a good idea, you’ll regret it halfway up the hill!

The scorching hot sun won’t be kind to you and you might end up drinking all of your water before your day at the beach even starts. Then, on your way back, you’ll already be tired from having fun at the beach so climbing the hill under the sun might spoil your day. The shuttle bus ride is free so why not?

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Palm trees line the white sand shore and the crystal clear water. Honeymoon is one of the beautiful beaches where the water is usually pretty warm, even early in the morning.
The shore deepens gradually so you can also sit down on the sand with half of your body in the water (remember to use waterproof sunscreen in this case!). The gentle waves will help you to relax and unwind, while keeping you cool.

The highlight of Honeymoon Beach however is the presence of lots of corals, tropical fish and sea turtles. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to see a (usually large) number of turtles feeding off the grassy bottom of the bay (check out our video to see what I mean).

Click here to check out the best (and cheaper) all-day watersports package at Honeymoon Beach!

Honeymoon Beach is one of the pretty beaches that are hardly ever crowded on weekdays. The locals love to come here on weekends, even just to sip a nice cocktail at one of the two bars.


  • Bathrooms
  • Bar and grill
  • Free beach chairs available
  • Lots of shade
  • Live music
  • SUP and kayak rentals

Who is it for

Honeymoon Beach is one of the best beaches on St Thomas to see sea turtles feeding off the bottom of the bay. This is thus a great place to enjoy some snorkeling.

Families with children will also enjoy beach time here. The water is in fact quite calm and it deepens gradually.

Sea turtle swimming near the reef at St. Thomas USVI
Lindquist beach is home to many turtles and rays

Lindquist Beach – Snorkeling and local wildlife

Lindquist Beach is part of a protected area, Smith Bay Park. This means you’ll be able to enjoy turquoise water, perfect for swimming.

If you keep on walking, heading west, the swimming area gives way to another part of the bay, quite shallow, with tide pools.

Snorkeling fanatics will love this soft white sand beach because there are seagrass beds with many turtles. The lucky ones might even spot a few rays (manta rays or eagle rays) as they are pretty common in the area.

Since the water is crystal clear, most of the times you don’t even need snorkeling equipment to actually see that there are fishes swimming all around you. It’s an unforgettable experience!

Entrance to Lindquist Beach is 5$ per person and 5$ to rent a beach chair. If you have your own car, there’s a parking lot (2$ per vehicle) which includes handicap facilities and easy beach access.

From Lindquist beach you’ll be able to take great pictures of St. John and the British Virgin Islands so bring your camera!

Be a conscious traveler and leave starfishes and shells alone!
It is illegal to take sand or shells from any Virgin Islands beach.

Lindquist Beach is a bright white sand beach, with a faint touch of pink. We found it super soft. As you walk barefoot on the beach the sand feels almost like baby powder!

You’ll also find plenty of shade on the right and left sides of this fantastic St. Thomas beach, thanks to a coconut grove and sea grape trees. The central part of the beach has no natural shade.


  • Lifeguard
  • Picnic tables
  • Parking
  • Handicap facilities and easy access
  • Bathrooms
  • Rental sheds (you need to reserve in advance)
  • Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Soft white sand

Who is it for

Snorkeling fanatics and families with young children (they can safely play in the low tide pools).

If you’re looking for a beach party, by all means, head over there on Sundays.
During the week Lindquist Beach is the perfect beach for couples or solo travelers. It was super quiet!

Girl on a unicorn float in a beachside pool at St Thomas USVI
Secret Harbour is gorgeous at dawn and at sunset!

Secret Harbour – The ideal St. Thomas Beach

Secret Harbour, as the name suggests, is a very nice beach on St. Thomas, a little bit out of the way, which is absolutely perfect early in the morning and at sunset.

Palm trees scattered along the shoreline, a rocky coastline and hammocks suspended between the palms. Secret Harbour is a paradise St. Thomas beach with the Caribbean atmosphere so many people love.
The bonus is that it’s not close to the touristy areas. There’s a good chance that it won’t be too crowded, even on Sundays.

Unfortunately, due to climate change, the hurricanes and the sunscreen pollution (read the last chapter for more info), the coral has pretty much died off. Yet the sides of the bay are still full of life.
There have been many sightings of a nurse shark which sometimes swims near the shore on the left side, but there’s more. This quiet St Thomas beach is in fact home to eels, lobsters, turtles and rays.

In the middle of the bay there’s a floating raft which has been anchored there and is a great viewing spot early in the morning. You can lay down on it and watch the sealife when it’s more quiet.

On the busiest hours, children enjoy playing on the raft and jumping from it, so usually fishes and rays stay away.

Parking is free. Beach chairs available at 10$ per day.


  • Restaurant
  • Beach Bar
  • Taxis available
  • Hotel
  • Free parking
  • Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Beach chairs available
  • Bathrooms

Who is it for

Secret Harbour is one of the off the beaten path beaches on St Thomas. You should visit if you have more time, so you can stay there the whole day (food is great: you don’t really need to go somewhere else for lunch).
Families with children and teenagers will love the floating raft!

Colorful wooden installation and palm trees at Sapphire Beach St Thomas
Sapphire beach is one of the best St Thomas beaches for the party-goers!

Sapphire Beach – St Thomas dreamy white sand beach

Sapphire Beach is one of the crowded spots in high season that the locals stay away from. Yet if you’re planning a Caribbean vacation off season, it’s by far one of the best beaches in US Virgin Islands that you should add to your bucket list!

This long stripe of white sand offers breathtaking views on the ocean, and the chance to shot nice underwater videos even without a snorkeling or diving equipment. The water is that clear!

Sea grape trees line on the right side, offering shade and a relaxing spot where you can hide during the warmest hours of the day. On the left side of the beach there are less trees. Yet the added bonus is that you’ll see much more wildlife thanks to a man-made pond, which attracts iguanas and brown ducks.

You might have read that in the past Sapphire Beach was damaged by the hurricanes, but don’t worry. We visited by the end of 2019 and it was just perfect. Everything has been fixed, including the lovely marina with its restaurants and shops.

Snorkeling is very good at Sapphire, but the seabed is rocky at first, so you’ll have to swim a bit to see tropical fishes and the reef.

While we haven’t seen sea turtles at Sapphire Beach, many locals claim there have been sightings: maybe if you visit when it’s less crowded, it’s more likely to happen!


  • Marina
  • Fun parties with live music on high season
  • Bathrooms
  • Beach chairs for rent (9$/chair)
  • Gift shop
  • Restaurants
  • Dive shop
  • Snorkeling
  • Cafe
  • Taxis available
  • Water sports
  • Hotel

Who is it for

Sapphire Beach is one of the best beaches in St Thomas for those seeking a festive beach experience. It’s perfect for water sports, especially windsurfing and diving.

The nearby Sapphire Beach Resort provides all the best for those who feel like treating themselves. It’s also perfect if you’re in St. Thomas to celebrate your anniversary!

View of Hull Bay beach in St Thomas with palms and white sand
Hull Bay is a very romantic secluded spot

Hull bay – A secluded and romantic natural beach

Hull Bay is where you’ll find possibly one of the best beaches in St Thomas for couples and all the travelers looking for a secluded spot, away from the crowds. This is also where you’ll have a greater chance to get to know the locals: we got to chat with quite a few people here and they were super friendly so don’t be shy!

Note: According to the residents we talked to, Hull Bay beach is only crowded during the super-popular fishing tournaments.

The rough waters at the western tip attract lots of surfers. Whether you’re one of them or not, I swear it’s awesome even just to look at how they take on the waves.
Since I’m super clumsy I admire them a lot.
Aldo also loves to take pictures of surfers while they ride their boards so if you’re a fan of sports photography, this is absolutely one of the best beaches in St. Thomas.

Looking for an eco-tour to discover the inner Mangrove Lagoon Sanctuary and Cas Cay island? Click here to find one that includes kayaking, hiking and lunch!

While there are a few sandy spots for entering the water and bathing, the seafloor is mostly rocky. Bringing some shoes to protect your feet is a great idea. There’s no soft sand!

Hull Bay is a natural beach with a tropical feel. It is also laid back and crowd free. White sand here is mixed with pebbles and small rocks.
The small pebbles dominate the right side of the shore, but there are trees all around, providing natural shade.

The only huge downside we noticed is that there are no taxis. You should ask the driver who has brought you to Hull Beach for his phone number and call him to pick you up. 

If you don’t have any means to return to the port of Charlotte Amalie, walk to the nearby Magens Bay. Because it’s one of the best St. Thomas beaches (also very popular), there’s always a line of taxis and shuttle buses waiting for the tourists.


  • Great surfing spot from November to March
  • Roadside parking
  • Free admission
  • Dive shop
  • Cool Beach Bar (they also serve food)

Who is it for

Outdoors lovers who enjoy quiet beaches. It’s also the perfect spot for newlyweds looking for a secret place to enjoy their Caribbean honeymoon.

Here you’ll have a better feel at the real St. Thomas, away from the crowds of tourists. Many locals come to this natural beach with their fishing boats or to walk their dogs.

White hat laying on the sand at St Thomas Coki Point
Coki Point is at its best when there are no cruise ships in Charlotte Amalie

Coki Point Beach – Lots of tropical fish and calm water

Coki Point is possibly one of the few St. Thomas beaches quiet during the weekends and super busy on weekdays. Those cruising the Caribbeans in fact usually visit Coki Point during the week, while local families love to get there for picnics on Sundays.

The downside is that when there are too many cruise ships at Charlotte Amalie, this small beach turns into a crowded tourist trap.

The shoreline is a crescent of soft white sand, with some tiny pebbles. There are lots of beach chairs available and umbrellas, because only a few large trees provide natural shade.

Bring your camera, because from Coki bay beach you can shoot some great pictures of the underdeveloped Thatch Cay island.

Swimming here is absolutely fabulous. The water is usually very calm.
It deepens gradually and it’s transparent enough that you can see what’s underneath even without a proper snorkeling equipment.
Coki Point is perfect for a day beach excursion.

Because in the past tourists have been encouraged to buy dog biscuits to feed the fish (please read the last chapter to learn why this is a very bad thing to do), the wildlife is very friendly and approaches swimmers for food. To some this can be pretty scary so be aware that fishes can sometimes be too forward because of a human-induced behaviour!

Note: Taxi drivers refer to this place also as Coki Beach, Coki or Coki Bay beach.


  • Umbrellas and beach chairs available (usually 5$ for chairs and 10$ for umbrellas)
  • Music from from the dj at the bars or from locals playing on the beach
  • Snorkeling
  • Souvenir shop
  • Food vendors
  • Rental gear
  • Dive shop
  • Bathrooms
  • Watersports
  • Showers
  • Wheelchair accessible ramp
  • Free entrance
  • Parking (5$/Car)
  • Taxi stand
  • Jet Ski

Who is it for

Coki Point beach is perfect if you’re looking for some fun. While Magens Bay is super popular, it lacks “fun” activities like jet ski, watersports and of course dance music on the beach.

Being one of the liveliest St. Thomas beaches, it’s not ideal for families with young kids, because it can be pretty chaotic and loud.

Bluebeards Beach on a sunny day in St Thomas USVI
Bluebeard’s Beach used to be “Limetree beach” not so long ago

Bluebeard’s Beach – Limetree Beach Resort

Many people know this dreamy, off the beaten path beach as “Limetree” (that includes the taxi drivers). It is its old name, changed officially to Bluebeard’s because of a new ownership.

Bluebeard’s is one of the pretty St Thomas beaches you often see on Instagram. A paradise-like spot located in a natural cove

This picture-perfect beach is framed by blooming bougainvillea and other tropical plants home to lots and lots of iguanas (some were pretty large, me and Al had no idea there were iguanas that big at Virgin Islands!). Don’t worry tho – they usually don’t let the visitors approach them and tend to stay away, so they aren’t dangerous at all.

The ocean at Bluebeard’s beach is usually very quiet, so you’ll be able to enjoy some lazy snorkeling. The best spot is by a large rock at the far end of the beach.

Because there’s no clear access from the road, we had to use Google Maps to find it after a taxi driver left us there: just ask them where Limetree Beach Resort is if you don’t have a phone at hand, they’ll show you the way!

Getting to Bluebeard’s Beach on St Thomas isn’t that difficult once you know the general direction where you have to go.
To give you a (hopefully) clear idea, you should walk past the Ritz Carlton property along the beach to reach Bluebeard’s. It’s not too far and the walk there, along the ocean, is pretty nice as well!

Bluebeard’s beach is the ultimate romantic spot on St. Thomas: quiet, lovely, small and usually ignored by the tourists because they have no idea it’s even there.


  • Natural beach
  • Picture-perfect spot
  • Very romantic
  • Seaside eatery
  • Bathrooms can be found at the restaurant
  • Snorkeling
  • Water sports shack

Who is it for

Honeymooners looking for a quiet little beach will love to spend some quality time on this Caribbean little cove. 

Also perfect if you need a place to shoot great pictures, because there are flowers, views and it’s never crowded so people won’t get in the way.

Coconut cups on a white sand beach at St Thomas USVI
Brewers Bay is a true tropical hidden gem!

Brewers Bay – A true USVI hidden beach

Brewers Bay is one of St. Thomas’ hidden gems that you should add to your list of the best Virgin Islands beaches.

Surrounded by lush green hills on the right and by the University of the Virgin Islands campus on the left, it’s very quiet and pristine.

Brewers Bay has one of the largest shores on St. Thomas, so it’s perfect for a game of frisbee or volleyball (please try not to hit anyone!).

The crystal-clear water is a favorite for Green Sea Turtles and Hawksbill Turtles.
The alternative St. Thomas beach is also dotted with lovely shells, but you shouldn’t touch them. It is illegal to remove shells from this one or any other beach in the Virgin Islands.

Weekdays is when you want to visit Brewers Bay beach, because usually there’s no one else around. You can sit under the trees for some shade, but you’ll be on your own near the water.

I suggest you spend the early hours of the day on this fantastic St. Thomas beach, near the water. Walk to the trees when the day starts to get too hot.
Rely on some waterproof, safe sunscreen to make sure you won’t get sunburned. Mine didn’t last long in the water so I managed to burn a few spots around the knees. I swear it’s no fun!

One of the things you can do while sitting on the soft sand is watching the planes take off and land in the distance. There’s a clear view of the airport. That is why this is one of the best St. Thomas beaches if you love photography. Don’t worry about the noise: it’s not overwhelming.


  • Snorkeling
  • Sea turtles
  • Natural shade
  • Bathrooms
  • Showers
  • Very quiet
  • Roadside food vans
  • Beach vendors
  • Great spot for pictures
  • Free admission

Who is it for

Brewers bay is super quiet and very nice. While the sand is not as powdery white as on other beaches, we still enjoyed sunbathing and watching the airplanes.

I don’t think this natural beach suitable for families with kids. There are no facilities aside from public bathrooms and a couple of food trucks. Beach chairs, umbrellas, towels and all this kind of stuff are not available here.

Tropical umbrella at a white sand beach on St Thomas USVI
Lindbergh Bay Beach is super close to the airport and to the cruise port

Lindbergh Bay Beach – Very close to Charlotte Amalie

Lindbergh Bay Beach is very close to the airport and a short taxi ride from downtown Charlotte Amalie. This lovely beach is located on Emerald Beach Resort, but contrary to popular belief, the entrance is free.

Yet if you’re visiting the US Virgin Islands on a budget, I suggest you bring your own beach towel, because the rental rates here are a bit high (if compared to other beaches on this list). Two lounge chairs come for 14$/20$ and an umbrella will cost you 20$.

Looking for a budget guided snorkeling tour in Charlotte Amalie? Click here to find the best rated one!

This is a pretty small beach, so you should get there early in the morning to find a good spot to relax. When there is more than one cruise ship in port, it fills quickly, as many people prefer to stay close to Charlotte Amalie.

We’ve met lots of tourists who thought that unless you book an expensive tour with a cruising company, you won’t get to see any gorgeous beach. They thus decided to get to Lindbergh Bay beach because it’s the “easiest one to get to and it’s cheaper“. Hopefully this article will help you to plan more on your own on a budget!

The taxi ride to Lindbergh Bay beach costed us 7$ per person, and usually there’s a line of taxis waiting on the street, so you can leave whenever you want.

When we visited, this small beach stayed clean early in the morning. As the cruise ships started disembarking, rude touristsstarted littering, so by the end of the day it was pretty dirty.
Please don’t be that kind of tourist: don’t leave anything behind!


  • Bathrooms
  • Hotel
  • Taxis available
  • Parking
  • Restaurants
  • Beach vendors
  • Water sports booth
  • Close to the airport and to Charlotte Amalie
  • No smoking policy

Who is it for

If you’re visiting on a Caribbean cruise, you might want to check out Lindbergh Bay beach because it’s the closest one to the port of Charlotte Amalie. That way even if you have only a few hours, you’ll still be able to enjoy the best of St. Thomas.

Crystal clear water at St. Thomas island USVI
We should all do our part to protect the ocean!

Limestone Beach – Bring your snorkel gear!

Nestled away from the hustle, Limestone Beach stands out as one of the best in St. Thomas, offering a perfect blend of tranquility and beauty.

We loved this place and we think it’s one of the best beaches of St Thomas because of its pristine white sand, complemented by azure waters.
A true tropical paradise! 

What sets it apart from the others are the unique limestone formations that add character to the shoreline.
It’s a haven for those seeking a peaceful escape with a touch of natural wonder.

Snorkeling here is a treat, as vibrant marine life dances beneath the surface.
So make sure you bring your snorkel gear with you because this is one of the best places on the island for swimming and snorkeling!


  • Pristine white sand and clear blue waters.
  • Distinctive limestone formations along the beach.
  • Fantastic snorkeling opportunities.

Who is it for

Limestone Beach caters to couples craving a romantic retreat, families seeking a secluded beach, and water enthusiasts eager to explore vibrant marine life. 

If you’re on a cruise, reaching this slice of paradise is a breeze.
A short taxi ride from the harbor will transport you to this secluded haven, making it an ideal day trip during your St. Thomas cruise adventure.

So, whether you’re a couple looking for a romantic spot or a family yearning for tranquility, Limestone Beach is your ticket to a slice of Caribbean paradise!

Neltjeberg Bay – One of the Best Beaches in the Caribbean

Neltjeberg Bay in St. Thomas beckons travelers with its untouched allure, earning its spot as one of the best beaches on the island.
And one of the best in the Caribbean.

This hidden gem in St. Thomas offers a perfect blend of seclusion and natural beauty, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking an off-the-beaten-path experience.

It stands out with its unspoiled charm, boasting large stretches of sand that is powdery and super white.

Away from the crowds, it provides a serene environment for relaxation or exploration. 
The surrounding lush greenery adds to the beach’s appeal, creating a picturesque setting that’s perfect for nature enthusiasts.
This beach is an excellent place to take honeymoon pictures!


  • Pristine, secluded beach with white sands.
  • Crystal-clear turquoise waters ideal for swimming and snorkeling.
  • Surrounding greenery for a peaceful, natural ambiance.

Who is it for

Neltjeberg Bay is a haven for couples seeking a romantic escape.

We loved it because it was so very quiet and yet easy to get to.

For cruise-goers, reaching this slice of serenity from the harbor is straightforward.
Opt for a taxi ride for a scenic 20-30 minute journey: it’ll be relaxing and cheap!

Bolongo Bay Beach – Golden Sand & Water Sports

Located along the enchanting coast of St. Thomas, Bolongo Bay Beach is the place to be for anyone looking for a chill vibe and some fun. 

Renowned for its pristine sands and azure waters, this beach offers an array of activities that make it a must-visit spot for travelers in the know.

This popular beach captivates visitors with its soft, golden sand and inviting Caribbean waters.

Bolongo Bay Beach is also a hub of activity, providing opportunities for snorkeling, paddleboarding, and water sports, ensuring there’s something for every traveller who makes it a point to look for thrilling activities.

The vibrant beachfront bars and restaurants add a lively touch, making it a great place to unwind with a tropical drink in hand.
This is also where you’ll find a restroom, which is a bit of a rare sighting when it comes to St. Thomas!


  • Soft golden sands and crystal-clear waters.
  • A ton of water activities, including snorkeling and paddleboarding.
  • Lively beachfront bars and restaurants for a vibrant atmosphere.
  • Restrooms available at bars and restaurant

Who’s it For

Bolongo Bay is a lively beach that caters to a diverse audience.

It’s perfect for couples seeking a romantic beach day, but also families looking for water adventures and active travelers eager to explore the Caribbean sea.

Getting there from the harbor is a breeze – a short taxi ride of about 15-20 minutes will lead you to this beach haven, ensuring a day filled with sun, sea, and smiles.

Woman laying on a palm in the Caribbean
Sapphire Beach Resort has a ton of Instagrammable spots!

Limetree Beach – Shade on the Beach & Comfort

Limetree Beach in St. Thomas stands as a shining jewel along the Caribbean coast, earning its reputation as one of the best destinations on the island.
With its soft sands, crystal-clear waters, and a myriad of activities, this beach promises a delightful escape for those seeking sun-soaked relaxation and aquatic adventures.

We loved it because of its serene beauty: perfect if you want to relax but also have some fun taking pictures.

The calm, inviting waters are perfect for swimming and snorkeling, allowing visitors to explore the vibrant marine life beneath the surface.

Limetree Beach is well-maintained (at least that was our experience) and offers facilities like beachside bars and restaurants, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience.


  • Soft sands and clear, calm waters.
  • Excellent swimming and snorkeling opportunities.
  • Beachside amenities including bars and restaurants.
  • Restrooms available.
  • A mix of shade and sun.

Who’s it For

Limetree Beach is an excellent choice for almost every traveller.
Even for those visiting with younger kids.

If you’re cruising into St. Thomas, reaching Limetree Beach from the harbor is convenient – a short taxi ride ensures you swiftly arrive at this tropical paradise.

Woman relaxing on the beach in St. Thomas

Santa Maria Bay – One of St. Thomas’ Hidden Gems

Santa Maria Bay in St. Thomas is a hidden gem that effortlessly captured our hearts.

Tucked away from the crowds, this pristine haven is famous for its untouched beauty, making it one of the best beaches on the island.
Especially if, like us, you’re after a less touristy experience.

The turquoise waters invite you to unwind with a refreshing swim, and the peaceful ambiance makes it an ideal spot for a quiet beach day.
The lack of crowds adds to its allure. 
The fact that it wasn’t crowded when we visited has been one of its winning points.


  • Pristine, secluded beach with soft sands.
  • Crystal-clear turquoise waters for swimming.
  • Intimate and peaceful ambiance.

Who’s it For

Santa Maria Bay is perfect for honeymooning couples seeking a romantic getaway, and travel enthusiasts who value the untouched beauty of nature.

You can easily get there by hopping on a taxi at the harbor.
Just ask the taxi driver!

Blackbeard's Tower in Charlotte Amalie

St. Thomas Beaches: what you can do to preserve them

We don’t usually think about it but applying sunscreen and then bathing will pollute the ocean. Corals and fishes die. Because the Caribbean are endangered enough, we should all do our part to protect the oceans.

Avoid sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate at all costs. They actually kill corals and marine animals like shrimps and clams, because they’re toxic to several species.

Always clean up after your day at the beach. Don’t litter and of course don’t feed the wildlife! While for some it can be a “good photo op“, it’s the worst thing you can do.

I’ve seen one too many Insta-pictures with people holding up starfishes like they’re toys so I’m very sensitive about this. Taking starfishes from the water will kill them

Do not touch the wildlife!

Sometimes you’ll find locals selling food for fishes (like dog treats), or encouraging tourists to feed the wildlife. This is not a good behaviour for the marine environment and it actually damages the wildlife more than helping it. 

Feeding the fish will cause unnatural behavior and the nutrients will pollute the water around the reefs, eventually damaging them through the growth of harmful algae. 
Please, say no to them and don’t throw food in the water.

Last but not least, don’t ever touch the corals. Ever. And the sea turtles. They are gentle giants, why would you ever feel the need to disturb them or scare them away only to show off on Instagram?

St Thomas beach in summer
Summer is one of the best season to visit the US Virgin Islands!

Popular Questions about the US Virgin island Beaches and St. Thomas

Are the beaches in St Thomas Public?

St. Thomas’s beaches are popular for their soft white sand and turquoise waters. All the beaches in the Virgin Islands are public, including those on St. Thomas!

Which is better, St Thomas or St John?

St. Thomas island is more populated and more developed than St. John. It’s also the busiest cruise port in the Caribbean.

If you’re looking for a fun nightlife, with great beach bars and clubs, hit St. Thomas. In case you prefer the small, natural beaches, St. John might be the best option.

Is St. Thomas island very expensive?

Plan to spend about $145 per day on your vacation in St. Thomas. That is the average daily price if you’re thinking of finding accommodation on the island.

Spending one day in St. Thomas doesn’t have to be expensive. Taxis are cheap and so is food. Planning well in advance will help you to save a lot!

What is the best time of the year to visit the Virgin Islands?

The best time to visit the U.S. Virgin Islands is April to June. During USVI’s peak season (from December to March) it’d be way too crowded!

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  1. Lydia Miller says:

    Hi, I was wondering where you stayed while you were in St. Thomas? Where is that picture of you on the over the water hammock? I am going for my honeymoon and that looks like the perfect place to stay!

    1. Hi Lydia, congratulations for your wedding, your honeymoon destination is absolutely gorgeous! That picture was shot here, as they have fab infinity pools (I could spend hours in there!) but we also liked this other one, where they have hammocks on the beach (the photos of the hat and the one with the palm arch were shot here). Please allow me to wish you a super happy honeymoon, have fun and enjoy St. Thomas!