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7 Benefits Of Traveling As a Couple & How to Harness them

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Are your couple travel goals all about having the most fun with your special someone? Travelling together is a great way to get to know your relationship and how you feel about that. Discover 7 secret tips that will help you to understand if you’re dating “the one”!

Couple sitting on the beach while looking at the ocean
Traveling as a couple can be fun… or it can be a nightmare!

Almost five years on and off the road have taught me a few things about traveling with a partner. While traveling solo can be fun, there is no better feeling than a shared adventure with your loved one. There are plenty of advantages of setting off on a trip with your significant other!
Keep reading to find out the seven benefits of traveling as a couple and some tips on how to make your trip together more enjoyable.

Young couple traveling in San Francisco and looking out at the Golden Gate Bridge
You will get to see every facet of the person you are with

It allows you to get to know your partner better

After one failed attempt at traveling together with a guy that I really liked, I started to doubt if traveling as a couple could ever work. Eventually, I said to myself: “if a man wants a serious relationship with me, I’ll take him on a trip first before committing to the relationship“, and that’s exactly what I did. 

It really is incredible how much you can learn about a person when you travel together. Even if you think you know them pretty well, as soon as you both get out of your comfort zone, you get to see every facet of the person you are with

Being exposed to different and often uncertain or even stressful circumstances can be testing, but it can also offer precious insight into how your partner may deal with other difficulties down the road.

If the two of you manage to steer the ship successfully through stormy seas, you’ll know that you can probably make it through whatever life may throw at you!

Once I went on a trip with my boyfriend that I had been in a relationship with for a year. He seemed to be pretty chilled in life, but when our luggage did not arrive at the destination, he went totally crazy, from yelling at airport staff to offloading his frustration on me for the rest of our trip.

It was an eye-opener to me and only confirmed that going on a trip together is the best way of getting to know your partner.

Of course, not all the stories have to be like this. A few years later, I met this guy that I thought was a non-adventurous type, but he surprised me, and we ended up having the most wonderful and fun trip together. In fact, that was the beginning of a lasting relationship!

Man and woman on a trip together hold their cups of black coffee
Adapting to the situation and letting go are the key to have fun together

Couple travel helps you grow as an individual

Traveling as a couple helps you get to know each other and enables you to grow as an individual.

Being a highly organized person, I used to get very frustrated if things were not going entirely to plan. 
On one trip to Thailand, I had everything planned to military precision, down to the finest detail. Everything was going according to plan until we realized we were on the wrong island!

Instead of the serene Koh Samui, we had ended up on the neighboring Koh Pha Ngan on the night of the wild Full Moon Party!

While my instant reaction was to panic (where was I going to put my yoga mat?), my partner managed to convince me to go with the flow and adapt to the situation. Instead of yoga and meditation, we partied hard into the night and did yoga the next day (once the hangover had subsided, of course!) instead.

My partner’s calmness in even the most stressful situations taught me to let things go and adapt to changing circumstances. It is an invaluable lesson that I keep on applying in my daily life.

I also learned to listen to my partner (and other people) better and respect their needs and personal space. These are personal skills I am proud of.

Two teal pillows set on wicker chairs overlooking the ocean at Nassau
A trip together should be planned by the both of you

Travelling together makes you more tolerant

If you think you know your partner but haven’t traveled together yet, I have some news for you: there is a lot more to learn about them. You will discover things you never knew about them, and that means good and bad!

You may find that they are prone to grumpiness when they are out of their comfort zone or that they never snored back at home, but something in the Spanish air makes them sound like a foghorn at night!

You will spend a lot of time together, so it is unavoidable that you will get frustrated and annoyed with each other, and that’s ok. You will learn what to expect from your partner under certain circumstances and how to accept their reactions to certain things. You will adjust to each other and learn how to accept each other for who you are.

If you can handle everything that happens on the road, especially if you travel for an extended period of time, your relationship is probably there for the long run.

Being an adventurous and unstoppable traveler, I never thought I’d be able to have slower traveling days until I met my current partner. At the beginning, his slower travel pace was driving me crazy, but then I learned that it can be enjoyable as a change.

Now I am happy to spend some time relaxing with him on the beach reading a book as a break from intense travel activities.

Camera and travel photos on a wooden table
Make sure to take lots of pictures on the road!

Relationship goal: creating memories together

It is always a treat to go back to your travel photos and videos a few months or even years after the trip and remember those beautiful moments you had. Sharing these photographs and memories with a partner can make them even more special.

My partner and I often spend an evening on the sofa together, looking back through our old traveling photo albums. The other night we reminisced about our trip to Thailand, where we made plenty of memories from thrilling (juggling with fire at the Full Moon Party) to romantic (boating on Koh Kut Bay while the sun set).

Some men even propose to their girlfriends during their travels (if my current partner is reading this, this isn’t a hint!).
Once I saw a guy kneeling down to propose to his girlfriend on the top of the cascading waterfalls in Guatemala. When I got back to my hostel, I saw them having a candle-lit dinner on the terrace.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the happy couple, or stop thinking that it would probably be one of their most beautiful and cherished memories to share with their children!

Couple hiking together on a mountain trail
Balance a good mix of romance and adventure!

Couples traveling together step out of their comfort zone

Having a supportive partner that you trust can give you the courage to do things you would never dare to try alone! 

What could be better than an encouraging partner to hold your hand when you both jump off a boat in St. Thomas for snorkeling? 

I used to be terrified of swimming in the open waters, and I would have never mustered the courage to do that if not for my partner, the previously-mentioned “non-adventurous” man!

Not only was he patient enough to stay with me on the boat when I had an anxiety attack, but he helped me believe in myself and build the confidence to go for it. Him being by my side encouraged me to experience the most amazing thing in my life—snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef.

As long as your partner cares about your safety and does not try to push you into doing things that are actually dangerous or reckless, having a teammate can help you overcome fears and experience incredible things.

Mason jar filled with money with a "For Travel" label
Make sure you decide on a budget before you leave for your trip

Traveling as a couple allows you to align your life goals

When you travel with your partner, you will have plenty of time to spend with them and to share your thoughts and visions of the future.

Road tripping in Utah or experiencing a romantic gondola ride in Venice can provide an inspirational backdrop to your intimate conversations, with none of the usual daily distractions like work, childcare, or household chores. 

Often it is while traveling together that you end up having the most profound conversations and connections.
As well as being able to talk without distractions, you will get to see your partner’s planning, money spending, and organizational patterns

I traveled once with an ex-partner who wanted to constantly splash out on expensive meals every night, and as a result, we had spent all of our budget less than halfway through the trip.

Another partner went to the other extreme—he was so determined to spend as little money as possible that we ended up missing out on activities and coming to regret it

While these experiences were both frustrating, they were useful lessons that taught me that neither partner was an ideal match for me. My current partner is much more on the same page as me, and traveling with him is a blast!

Traveling can also give you ideas and inspirations that you may not have back at home. A couple of my friends even came up with a business idea during a trip and successfully implemented it after returning from their travels!

Using your time together to talk about your future and your life goals can really help the two of you to follow the same path in life.

Millennial couple walking together and hugging while walking on a bridge
If you can overcome the difficulties while traveling you’ll feel invincible

A trip can strengthen your bond

Traveling with your partner is perhaps the best team building activity you could ever imagine. A successful trip will require a great deal of cooperation and teamwork.

If you’re the kind of couple who struggles to even wash the dishes together, this might be a challenge for you! However, planning and taking a successful trip together will prepare you for any trials that the future may hold.

Even if you run into difficulties while traveling, whether they are practical or emotional troubles, managing to overcome them can make your bond even stronger.

There is an old saying: “the toughest steel is forged in the hottest fire“, which is often true of relationships. Once the two of you have managed to find your way back to camp after getting lost in the Australian Outback just before nightfall (yep, this happened to me!), dealing with a broken washing machine back at home will be a cinch!

There may even be times when one of you is feeling discouraged or stressed, which can provide an opportunity for the other to console and comfort them. If something goes wrong along the way and you are alone, it can be challenging to motivate yourself to see the bright side. If you are with a supportive partner, they can help you with this, and vice versa.

Experiencing the ups and downs of traveling together can make the two of you trust each other more than before. If you can provide emotional support for each other when needed, it will make your team invincible!

Man and woman kissing on a beach with a white rocky backdrop
Plan activities for the couple but also some for yourself!

Tips on how to make your trip together more enjoyable

The preparation for the trip is essential, from aligning your expectations to making a packing list. Those moments when you are getting bitten by a swarm of mosquitoes because you forgot to pack a bug spray can really take away the fun of the trip (been there, done that).

  • Discuss your expectations—ensure that you are on the same page before you leave.
  • Prepare a packing list a few days in advance—a comfortable trip is more enjoyable. Check out this packing list for Europe for reference and to get  an idea of how to keep your suitcase organized.
  • Agree on the whole trip or on a daily budget—this will allow you to avoid many arguments.
  • Be ready to compromise—your partner may want different things than you, and that’s OK. This is an important tip you should keep in mind also while planning your honeymoon!
  • Take turns to choose activities—make sure that neither of you misses out on anything. For example there are a lot of fun things to do in Miami for couples but you should let your partner choose an adventurous day out if they want to!
  • Be open to new experiences—be open-minded and treat the trip as an adventure (as it should be).
  • Give each other personal space—do some activities separately to avoid friction in your relationship.
  • Be encouraging, but not pushy—respect if your partner is not comfortable with certain activities.
  • Check in with each other—asking if your partner is still enjoying the trip or is concerned about anything can help avoid issues before they arise.
  • Take plenty of photos—this will help you capture memories that the two of you can revisit in the future. It doesn’t matter if you’re hitting all the best photography spots in London or just making weird faces at the camera. Just do it!
  • Pack more socks than you think you will need—OK, this one isn’t just for couples, but it’s always good to be reminded!

I spent a lot of time traveling solo before I met my current partner, and it was not always a smooth ride. However, it helped both of us grow as individuals, and it made our relationship stronger. 

If you are still wondering if it is worth setting off on that big trip with your partner, don’t hold back. The adventure awaits, so prepare well, calibrate your compasses (or GPSs), and have fun!

Couple travelling together in Paris
When travelling as a couple always do your thing!

Travelling as a Couple – Frequently Asked Questions

Should couples travel together? I’m afraid to ruin it!

We already discussed a lot above whether it’s okay or not to travel as a couple.
Couples traveling together are more likely to be satisfied in their relationships.

If you are in doubt, discuss things with your partner. It will be yet another way for you to improve communication and express your feelings!

When should we consider going on a couple vacation?

Some surveys say that couples shouldn’t plan a trip together until they’ve been in a relationship for at least seven months.
In our opinion that’s not true!
Only you know if it’s time and if you feel safe: follow your heart!

Is it normal for couples to go on separate vacations?

100% yes if this is what you and your partner want!
Going on separate vacations is okay if you both agreed to it.

Happy couple in a lavender field
Do not ever be afraid of planning a trip with your special someone!

What if we break up after our vacation?

Breaking up might be hard, but if you aren’t meant for each other, it’s a good thing.
Planning a trip together can bring out a lot of things we didn’t know about our partner.

If you feel like ending the relationship after your vacation, do it. You don’t need an excuse and you don’t need to justify your decision!

Is it ok to travel on my own when in a relationship?

Heck, yes!
We (Dany and Al) do it often and we’ve been together for 20+ years!

A strong relationship should always be honest, loving and supportive. If traveling solo gives you the confidence and self-love you need to make your relationship work, do your thing!

Every couple is different. Some love to be by themselves, others prefer to travel with their partner.
Do not compare yourselves to other couples. Just follow your heart.


Emma Jones
Emma enjoys observing and exploring the world around her and writing about her discoveries. Human relationships is her favorite topic, and she likes to analyze them from a psychological perspective. She is a contributing author at Thought Catalog, GoDates, and several other media outlets.

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  1. Luke Smith says:

    It’s great that you talked about how traveling as a couple would help you get to know each other and enables you to grow an an individual. My wife and I haven’t tried going on a trip before so we are thinking of doing it next month. For that, we should probably get a romantic lodging package for the trip?

    1. Hi Luke! A trip with your wife sounds lovely, I’m sure you’ll have a great time! But nope, I don’t think you absolutely need a romantic lodging package. I mean, of course you can treat yourself to something special. But do not feel pressured to do so! Romantic packages can be pretty expensive sometimes. So if your budget allows it, then go for it. If not, just think that travelling as a couple is important. No matter what. Do so also on a budget, but do it!

  2. Peter Rettig says:

    Great Post! I’ve had the same travel partner for over 45 years. We probably have experienced most of the ups and downs you describe.
    We are still “couple travelers” and would like to add one more benefit: We always, at the very least, learn the greetings and polite phrases used in the countries we are visiting and whose languages we don’t speak. We feel this is essential, especially, when not traveling with an organized tour – which we’ve only done once – in China and Japan!

    1. That’s a very interesting point of view Peter! How would knowing a different language (which is always useful, not only for when you travel with your significant other!) improve your relationship?