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Whether you’re planning a road trip in Italy or wanting to explore one of the most romantic Italian cities, the Hampton by Hilton Rome East hotel could be the perfect solution, offering a smart, friendly and young environment: Hilton quality for the right price.


Hampton by Hilton Rome East Hotel Tour Open Space


Full disclosure: we have been invited a to participate to the inauguration night at Hampton by Hilton Rome East, to be able to offer our readers a true and honest review of the hotel as we’ve seen it.

Also full disclosure: when I heard Hilton I panicked. The usual, probably too girly… “I don’t have anything to wear!“. If you read our blog and follow our adventures on Instagram you’ll know that I’m the kind of girl who loves to wear a good pair of hiking boots more than stilettos. Upon hearing where we were going I must confess that I felt more than a bit worried. I was sure I wouldn’t fit in. Al, on the contrary, is one of those people who fits in wherever you put him. Gosh, I envy my husband so much for this!
While he was sporting this huge smile and shooting away, I felt a bit apprehensive. Sure, we love to explore Rome as we have dear friends there, but this was Hilton, you know!


It lasted until I spotted a warm smile on the other side of the open space Lobby. If you love to travel, you will also love Sebastian Siciliano, General manager at Hampton by Hilton Rome East. Aside from the fact that he’s the most easy going, warm-hearted man ever, he’s a wanderluster just like us. Within five minutes we were talking about his awesome trip to Patagonia, and how he used to work in Miami, so he loved to indulge in the breathtaking road trip to Key West we also fell in love with.
What can I say: I forgot all the nervousness and felt immediately at ease. The power of travel can achieve so much!


Sebastian told us about the new projects for the area where the new Hampton’s by Hilton Rome East just opened (November 2017). Soon to come there will be a shopping center with an outlet and also a natural reserve pretty close to his hotel. Which means that this will be the only big hotel in the area, already established even if the next openings are scheduled from the next year on.



Hampton by Hilton Rome East Hotel Tour Room


Comfy and colorful rooms

As we opened the door to our room we were welcomed with a nice surprise. Apple pie and a hand written welcome card from Maria Matera, Sales Manager at Hampton by Hilton Rome East. The little touch that doesn’t make you feel yet another number in a huge hotel. Sometimes a kind gesture goes a long way. Needless to say we really appreciated the afternoon snack! Hats off!


This new hotel in Rome has 148 modern, colorful rooms. What we particularly enjoyed is that they also have adjoining rooms and sofa beds. It means that families won’t have to be separated. Even larger groups can book together, they just have to make it known upon booking and/or at the lobby.


Another thing you wouldn’t expect is that Hampton by Hilton Rome East is a pet friendly hotel. While there’s a growing number of pet friendly hotels in Italy, sometimes you’ve got to pay additional fees for your pets, and other times they aren’t as well situated, stylish and nice as this one. The only thing we can say is… at least someone realized that there are so many people who want to travel with their pets!


The room had a huge, luxurious bathroom with a particularly big shower. Being a hiker I know how important it is to have a clean, comfortable bathroom (and shower) to welcome you in the evening when your muscles ache and you absolutely need to wash away the dirt. It’s a great feature also for all the people who stay here while working in the area: you will find everything you need to feel right at home.


One of the sore points for many hotels is the Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes you’ve got to pay, some other it won’t reach your room, or maybe it’s so slow that you’ll grow old while trying to check your mailbox. At the Hampton by Hilton Rome East we tested it also with Amazon Prime Video (click for a 30 day free trial: I’m addicted by now) and it worked just fine. A good Wi-fi connection doesn’t only mean that you can watch your favorite TV series but also that you’ll be able to Skype home, or plan your trip in detail for the following day. We’ve been abroad and with our SIM cards not working we relied heavily on Wi-Fi in hotels to download maps or find the last details online. So the first thing we look for when reading a hotel review is their Wi-Fi connection.
Rest assured: at Hampton by Hilton Rome East it couldn’t be better!



Hampton by Hilton Rome East Hotel Welcome cake


Ever-smiling and friendly staff

I swear Al tried the whole time to take a picture of the staff, only to have them running away with a shy smile. After a while it looked like Sylvester running after Tweety: he ultimately gave up.
While camera shy (and I can so relate, believe me), all the members of the staff were always smiling. It’s something that makes a huge difference and that Hilton branded as Hamptonality. You know right away that any problem you might have will be dealt with. And it’s always nice to walk into a room finding smiling faces, or getting a cheerful “Buongiorno” (good morning in Italian) when you waltz into the breakfast room to get your first dose of caffeine.
We’re from Naples, in the South of Italy, and thus we’re definitely used to a warm, friendly environment. We come from a sunny place full of good things to eat, where people smile no matter how hard life can be. So for us finding a positive environment is very important. Not only because we feel at home, but because we feel encouraged to ask questions, chat with the staff, heck, at some hotels you’ll be met with a scowl even for just asking for a coffee!


At the Hampton by Hilton Rome East you’re definitely in good hands. Ask away every question you might have, not only you won’t be denied but they’ll go out of their way to help you. Hospitality at its finest.



Hampton by Hilton Rome East Hotel Digital Key


First to use Hilton Digital Key in Italy

Hampton by Hilton Rome East is the first hotel in Italy using the Hilton Digital Key service. It’s a mobile technology that lets you open the door to your room or any other area in the hotel that needs a key, only using your smartphone. All you’ve got to do is downloading the Hilton Honors app, sign in and you’re ready to go. You will be able to check in to your hotel 24 hours before your arrival. While in every other part of the world you’d just have to skip the lobby and get to the elevator, in Italy by law you’re still required to show your ID to the Lobby upon your first arrival. Yet you’ll already know where’s your room and if you get back to the same hotel for a second stay, you won’t have to show your ID again, so the check-in will be much faster.


Having a digital key also means that you won’t have to deal with a magnetic card. You can just go out bringing only your phone with you and you still won’t be locked out. The Digital Key also operates electricity in the room, it’s very easy to use and much safer. In our video tour of the Hampton by Hilton Rome East you will see how it operates and how quick it is.


Bonus: with the Hilton Honors app you can also easily book your stay at any other Hilton hotels in the world and collect Hilton Honors points that you can use for free stays!


Hampton by Hilton Rome East Hotel Breakfast room


Eat positivity for breakfast

The breakfast room is very colorful and… happy. As you can see on the picture above, it’s full of positive, motivational slogans that you won’t be able to ignore. The whole feel is particularly relaxed: a great way to start the day!

Hampton by Hilton Rome East offers a huge hot breakfast. There seems to be a large number of everything. Different kinds of juices, lots of cereals, several kinds of bread, jam, delicious croissants and pain au chocolat. Families with kids also have a nice dedicated corner with a waffle machine, funfetti, chocolate syrup and many toppings. Being the big kid that I am, I absolutely had to try waffles with whipped cream and strawberries: I didn’t regret it.

We also found an easy-to-operate, professional cappuccino/espresso/latte/hot cocoa machine. We got a cappuccino and it was just like the bar. Perfect, Italian style, with a creamy foam on the top. To make it short, you will find a lot of the best Italian foodie dishes for breakfast.


If you prefer an American breakfast you’ll find that too. Eggs, sausages, bacon and beans, warm and inviting. Did I mention that there’s a lot of everything?


Also, a personal note: the best macarons ever. And I mean ever. Oh my gosh they were delicious!



Hampton by Hilton Rome East Hotel Finger Food


“Fast” and “Slow” food

The catering service at the Hampton by Hilton Rome East is top level, Italian foodie approved.


From Monday to Friday they have a “Fast” formula, a buffet lunch with a tiny price, for all the people who come here for work and also for those who are in a hurry or don’t want to splurge too much.


If you want to relax and to taste a “Slow” dinner, you can eat at their restaurant, Γ  la carte. On the menu you’ll find traditional Italian dishes, but also enticing little snacks and tempting dishes from the world. The wine selection is particularly good too, which means that you can enjoy also a romantic Italian dinner without having to get your car, a luxury service we always appreciate.



Hampton by Hilton Rome East Hotel Macarons


Highlights and our opinion


The highlights of the Hampton by Hilton Rome East are definitely enticing:

  • Great catering service
  • Free (working) Wi-Fi Connection
  • Digital Key
  • Fitness Centre
  • Open Space Lobby
  • Meeting room with the chance to use their computers
  • Incredibly helpful staff


The only downside in our opinion is that unless you have a car or are willing to use a taxi (in Rome they can be particularly expensive) it’s a bit too far away from the city center and all the highlights in Rome. Hampton by Hilton Rome East is pretty close to the GRA (Grande Raccordo Anulare) an important toll-free, ring shaped motorway that encircles Rome so if you have rented a car, it’ll be very easy to get into Rome, otherwise you will need a lift to the nearest train station. So it’s the perfect hotel if you are roadtripping Italy and want to explore Rome, but it could be a bit of a problem if you are on a budget and without a car.


Things will definitely change once the new shopping area and the natural reserve will open, because this hotel will be one step away from a lot of fun and interesting activities.


Yet don’t disregard it: they are offering awesome rates so make sure to check the best deals and offers for Hampton by Hilton Rome East. You could be in for a surprise!



Hampton by Hilton Rome East Open space reception



Disclaimer: All opinions are our own and weren’t influenced by the fact that we were guests at Hampton by Hilton Rome East.
This post may contain affiliate links.


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  1. Sandy N Vyjay

    The Hampton Hilton Rome East seems to be a great place to stay in and explore the city. I love the bright contemporary decor of the hotel. Also fascinated by the digital key. The concept of slow and fast meals also sounds really interesting.

  2. amit

    Love the concept of the digital key (I always have problems with magnetic key cards haha. I do like that the rooms are bright and vibrant, too many hotels are dimly lit and dull. And as a budget traveler I don’t think I’ve ever come across a breakfast like that before.

  3. Punita Malhotra

    Hilton is a dependable hotel chain and when one is not sure of trying new places, chains like these are great options. The decor looks great and the room looks very comfortable. I liked the slogans on the breakfast room walls.

  4. Elisa

    Ooohh Danyy! After telling us how worried you were about la soirΓ©e at Hilton’s I was hoping to see at least one picture of yours wearing stilettos! In regards to the hotel, I loved the bright colors and room design. For sure the staff’s smiles everywhere and positive quotes for breakfast also help. Never heard about the digital key before, were you happy using it? What happens if your smartphone is out of battery?

    1. Haha Al did take pictures and of course I brushed them away because I’m shy! πŸ˜€
      The digital key proved to be very useful and safer than a normal magnetic key (that one can be cloned). It’s the first time it is implemented in an hotel in Italy and I’m hoping to see more of that. As for the smartphone battery, I always carry a tiny power bank with me but should your cell die, if you go to the reception they’ll just make a magnetic key for you at no additional cost!

  5. Jamie Italiane

    Even before I saw your heading, I was thinking about how colorfully delightful the design of this hotel is! I often like to stay away from the city center, as I feel like I get to know more of the real place.

  6. Nathan Aguilera

    This place looks great! I always stay in small b&b’s when I’m in Italy but I would check this place out. It looks modern. I really like the digital key. I think more places should use this!

  7. Rosemary

    I’ve never heard or seen a hotel digital key. How convenient. The Hilton East looks amazing. Much better than I would have expected from a regular Hilton hotel. Love how modern the hotel looks, will certainly consider the Hilton for our next travels!

  8. Skye Class

    I was really tempted to skip right to the breakfast part of the post, but the digital key was also really interesting. I’m always amazed at how far hotels are coming in hospitality, but it’s also nice when that includes the smiling staff. Strange how some hotels seem to be going backward with fully automated receptions. Someday I’ll have to make it back to Rome, and perhaps I can stay here.

  9. Hannah

    I’ve never heard of a digital key app – that’s amazing – especially since I’m always losing those key cards! I love the idea of the fast and slow foods – so you can choose how you want to eat. This is definitely somewhere I’d consider staying on one of our many road trips, as we travel with our dog – so that is very useful!

  10. Renata Green

    It all sounds very nice – and a bit un-Italian since Italians – especially in Rome – are not always the most hospitable and smiling bunch. Also that they serve such a large variety for breakfast is not typical. Probably it’s because it’s the Hilton chain and the manager has been to places himself.
    You made me laugh with your ‘I have nothing to wear’-problem. I know the situation – and by fear of looking like a hobo, I tend to overdress ?

    1. I’m very sad about this, where have you had bad experiences with Italians?
      As far as I know Hilton and Hampton by Hilton always have a quite large warm breakfast, so that wasn’t atypical, just how they work πŸ™‚

      Oh, don’t tell me. I think being overdressed sometimes is way better: I need to go shopping! πŸ˜€

  11. Nic

    This looks like such a nice place to stay, I love that they are pet friendly as we have always wanted to take our pooch away with us. The key entry is also a really cool idea, I love hotels that really push new ideas.

  12. Lara Dunning

    Hilton hotels are one of my favorite brand hotels as they always have great service and style. I will keep this hotel in mind when I find myself in Rome and use some of my honor reward points!

  13. Gabby

    I stayed a Hampton by Hilton once, but it was nothing like this! I love the digital key as well as the Amazon prime trial, it seems like a way better version of Hampton in Italy than the US!

  14. Damien McGuigan

    I think these days, any hotel that doesn’t offer decent free WiFi is shooting themselves in the foot! The breakfast options look great here. I will keep this in mind if i ever get to Rome.

  15. FS Page

    Haha.. I have had this feeling so many times that I do not have proper clothes to wear! Your vlog of Hampton Hilton is very detailed and gives a really nice insight of what one must find inside the hotel. The room seems really huge and clean. Using smartphone as a key! I haven’t seen or heard about this anytime before. Seems like a pretty awesome technology and so convenient. I am glad you had a good time staying there. The review is really informative and I am sold. Would definitely want to stay here when in Hampton.

  16. Laurence

    OMG! the hotel is so aweome. Fancy and so modern. The facilities looks great. It’s so cool they have a digital key using you smartphone! I’ve never seen a hotel use that one.

  17. Danik

    I stayed in Hampton by Hilton’s in the USA before but didn’t know they branched out into Europe. If I ever return to Roma, then I would consider staying here. Fantastic review and loving the photos.

  18. Ada

    Hampton by Hilton Rome East seems like a lovely hotel! I wish it was open few years ago when I did my road trip in Italy πŸ™‚ It looks so great! Am also such a gadget person, so I love the smartphone door unlock, you just have to remember to have your phone charged all the time πŸ˜€

  19. Ariel

    I love the idea of the digital key cards, I always wondered what they did with the plastic ones after awhile. This is a beautiful hotel, how amazing it was that you were offered to stay there in return for a review! Hilton hotels are usually great experiences in my mind. Thank you for sharing.

  20. Lance

    We love Hampton. The hotel chain is our hotel of choice in our travels. They are so good with families. We also love their breakfasts, although the pictures of the breakfast room at Hampton by Hilton Rome East is among the best I’ve ever seen. I love the motivational statements on the walls.

  21. Wiola

    It seems a gorgeous, perfect and friendly hotel to stay in. I’ve never seen an option of having a digital key before. So interesting! Also, ever-smiling staff is an important part of the whole experience. Delicious breakfast, colourful rooms, what more would you want? πŸ™‚ Nice review!

  22. Postcard Stories

    I love posts about hotels πŸ™‚ It makes me feel that I’m planning a trip, and choosing the hotel πŸ˜€ But to get real, the key on the phone? Wow, that’s advanced for me, I hear about it for the first time πŸ™‚

  23. Fiona Maclean

    Oh I love the digital key! No more losing mine in the bottom of my handbag. Just one issue – if you want the power to stay on when you leave the room (to recharge camera batteries for instance) is there a way to do that?

    Lovely colourful rooms – they look a pretty good size too.

  24. Michelle

    Macarons for breakfast? You got me right there! I love the simple modern style of the hotel and uplifting look. I would definitely considering staying here as long as I’m driving a car!

    1. Haha we got ours as an evening snack, and we choose waffle for breakfast! As for a car, it’s ideal unless you want to call a cab (or Uber, maybe?), at least until they finally open the park and the shopping center. I guess in future there will be a bus stop pretty close to the hotel!

  25. Megan Jerrard

    Big Hilton fan, so the Hampton by Hilton Rome East hotel sounds wonderful. Love the bright and colorful rooms, and how they made you feel welcome even though you weren’t sure you would fit in. Hilton’s have always had a friendly atmosphere when I’ve stayed πŸ™‚

    So cool that you got to experience the digital key technology! I’ve been waiting to stay at a hotel with that feature. I always lose my hotel key cards lol!

    1. I used to be particularly scared of Hilton hotels, but it seems there was nothing to feel worried about. πŸ˜€ It’s cool to read that the staff is this awesome in every Hilton hotel: I think that the environment and how much you like a hotel depends a lot on the staff!

      And LOL we’re two of the same then, I always forget my key so I have to ask Al to keep it for me or I’d get locked out. So I’m really hoping they implement this technology in more hotels, it’s bound to save me a lot of hassle πŸ˜€

  26. Sab

    Wow, this hotel looks so different compare to the traditional Hilton hotels, looks very modern, new, stylish, I like it! And I like the digital key, very handy! Looks like you had an awesome stay! Thanks for sharing.

  27. Sara

    The great thing about a good hotel, hiking boots or stilettos, they will never judge a guest.

    So exciting that it is a pet friendly hotel too! We really need more of these in Australia.

    And how cool is the Hilton Digital Key, seriously awesome! Plus the decor and food!!

    Really looks like a marvellous place to stay in Rome.

    1. I’m hoping we get more pet friendly hotels in Italy as well: we’d love to travel with our best friends! As for the Hilton Digital Key I found it an incredibly modern thing and I’d love to try it in some other hotel as well. This is the first one that implemented it in Italy!

  28. Vibeke

    I have never stayed in a Hilton Hotel before. Just not been in my budget range. Hampton Hilton in Rome looks amazing and so clean and funky. It is so cool that they have the digital key system. So futuristic. I hope I can stay at Hampton on my next trip to Rome πŸ˜€ Thank you for sharing your experience πŸ™‚

  29. Katherine

    What a gorgeous hotel to stay in one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the world! I would have been nervous to stay at a Hilton just like you were. I’m all about flat shoes and jeans and t-shirts. But it looks so inviting that it seems like it wouldn’t even be an issue!

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