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A local's guide | One day in Naples

A local's guide | One day in Naples

Naples is the third largest city in Italy, as well as the place I call home.

My marvelous city is also a very popular stop for cruise ships, since the most important cruise liners dock at Naples' port. I experienced Naples as a tourist even if I already know it as my pockets, during my recent Mediterranean cruise with Norwegian Epic from Barcelona to Civitavecchia, and I had a great time telling myths and anecdotes to my fellow cruisers! This practical guide is for those who can only spend one day in Naples, but mind you, there is so much more to see that I'm sure you will fall in love and decide to get back for a longer stay!

Equestrian tourism | The Gustav Line in Italy on horseback

Once upon a time, there was a long, winding road from Ortona to Gaeta, in Italy, that was used during World War II by the English and American armies. General Patton started his march in Italy from Sicily, heading North, and it took him 5 months to get a good hold of it, because of the German troops. General Kesserling was put in charge of this road that was mostly safe from air raids because it went through mountains, impenetrable valleys, rivers and rocks. This imaginary line connecting the Gaeta gulf, the Garigliano and Sangro rivers, Pescara and Cassino was called "Gustav Line".
Every year, a group of horse riders climbs this same road, to honor the beauty of this area and all the soldiers who died here. It's a different way to experience Italy, looking at it through the ears of a beautiful horse.

Earth Day | Learn how to do responsible shopping

Earth Day | Learn to do responsible shopping

Earth Day is a worldwide annual event celebrated on April 22. This year it will focus on climate literacy to empower global citizens with knowledge, to inspire action for environmental protection. We can help our planet with every little thing we do, by donating, volunteering... or even shopping. Yes, you got that right. It's important to learn how to do responsible shopping by brands that give back to the Earth and its inhabitants. Knowledge is a powerful thing. Let's see together how buying products can support the cause!

Discover the secrets inside the Antelope Canyon

The light hits the limestone at Antelope Canyon

"Rain comes into this canyon like a whirlpool. Think about it like sandpaper. The sand mixes with water whirling through the canyon and sculpts the walls."
(Leonard Nez, Navajo tour guide)

While everyone seems to remember that Arizona is the Grand Canyon state, a trip there wouldn't be complete without seeing the amazing Antelope Canyon. This slot canyon has gained major popularity thanks to the social media and to some amazing images that have gone viral. One of the most famous, shot by Peter Lik, "Phantom", has been sold for $6.5 million: unbelievable, right? You might have also seen it on Planet Earth II, the BBC series, that featured it in Episode 4.
This millennia old slot canyon form a dark labyrinth illuminated by tunnels of sunlight from above... and you can catch the best light only for a very few hours per day.

Let's discover the secrets inside the Antelope Canyon!

5 life lessons learned from Krakow

Krakow city guide

When I have been to Warsaw, people kept on telling me that I absolutely had to see Krakow before to leave Poland. I was honestly confused: I found Warsaw pretty beautiful, so how could Krakow be even better? Unfortunately I was in Poland for work and I didn't make it to Krakow. Last November I was scanning for flight bargains online and I found round trip flights from Naples to Krakow at 39€ per person with Easyjet. How could I say no to that? I was already buying them before I fully realized how cold it was going to be there in January. I know. I have a compulsive online shopping issue, especially when it comes to flight tickets!
Even if my husband doesn't particularly like the cold, we decided to brave the -15°/-18°C: we were in for a lot more than we bargained for.

A taste of Naples: ristorante Capo Blu

Romantic restaurant in Napoli

Campania is a land of sun, sea and culture, that since antiquity has always stood out for an extensive and variegated culinary heritage. Us Neapolitans are passionated and opinionated when it comes to our roots and our food. Greeks and Romans used fine olive oil for their dishes and drank wine from Campania Felix, so Capua, Cuma, Pompeii, Sorrento, Stabia, Nocera and Salento. Food in Naples has in fact always been an art, mixing strong flavours coming from the sea and produce enhanced from the neverending sun.
Remembering the past doesn't mean that you have to disown the future or the fruits of this good land.
There's someone who has given life to a unique project: chef Pasquale Di Fraia. He has created a tiny haven in Miseno, not far from Naples and by the sea, away from the huge touristy traps, ristorante "Capo Blu".
As soon as you step in, you'll feel like you have crossed an invisible barrier: scents, tastes and soft lights make this place cozy and romantic. Capo Blu is really tiny and furnished in the typical seaside style, like one of those restaurants on the Amalfi coast, all blue and white. The colors of the sea, an ever present ingredient that you will always find in the dishes cooked by chef Di Fraia. Donna Regina welcomes customers as if they were guests at her own table, and that's how you'll feel. Invited at a friend's house for a nice dinner, after all, Capo Blu only seats about 30 guests!

The first 3D Planetarium in Italy: Naples and the management issues

The new buildings in Città della Scienza

Once upon a time there was an abandoned steel mill, closed in 1992. Bagnoli became a quiet area. The sirens weren't screaming anymore to call the workers back to the plant. Yet the huge metal skeletons scared everyone. One day someone decided to try and do something about it. The fairy's name was Fondazione Idis: the steel mill was going to become a Science Center. So many people and schools visited this place, until a terrible night, the sirens started screaming once again. On the 4th March 2013 it was policemen and firefighters. Someone had decided to start a fire to destroy the dream of all the honest people who loved (and still do) their beautiful Naples. The Science Center had been destroyed.